Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lookie here!

So much is going on! I've got news!

Since I've talked to you last, lots has happened. Maylee's birthday party (a whole 'nother post to come about that). Maylee turned 3. iNSD was awesome! ([inter]National Scrapbook Day) Mother's Day. Mine was great! Yours? Tons of scrapping done. Oh, and I'm on two more CTs!

I have TONS of LOs I could share with you, but I'll just introduce my new designers and then be off.

Sara, or Tree City Studio, is a great designer selling at Polka Dot Plum. Check her out! She's super-sweet and a super-great designer! Check out this collab she did with Farynar's Wings! Is it not just one of the most incredibly cute things ever?!

Check it out in the shoppe here!

Here's a LO I did with it: (A friend told me that Maylee would hate me for this LO in the future. I hope not! I think it's adorable!)

Tree City Studio also came out with these recently:
Cut-outs are the newest digiscrap trend. I personally love them! These templates make it easy!
In the shoppe here!

In the shoppe here!

And my other CT?! Janet, or Bean Bunny Designs! Also at Polka Dot Plum! (Anyone see a trend around here LOL) Janet's designs are so amazing! Her colors are so bright and they just make me smile! She also does these awesome cards...Valentine's Day, gotta check them out. Bean Bunny Designs has a new collab coming out with Studio'll have to stay tuned for that one! Gonna keep you guys waiting! Until then, check this out! A sale! A sale!

Shop the sale here!


Oh, you know you wanna apply! Go ahead! Do it!

Oy! I just have this perpetual smile plastered on my face lately! Look at all the goodies! Look at my awesome designers I get to CT for! I'm so happy!
Thanks for stopping by everyone. Love to all!


  1. Oh no, you're not becoming a CT junkie are you?! Congrats on your new teams!!

  2. Was that me that said that? LOL
    I do think it's adorable, too! Just that she might kill you for it at some point during her teens. ;-)