Sunday, April 11, 2010


   It's an absolutely gorgeous day here. It has been the best weekend! Last weekend, which was Easter weekend, was so gorgeous, too! I just hope we don't skip right from Winter to Summer. I like chilly mornings and nice afternoons. I know I haven't posted in a while. I thought about posting all the time, and was just too lazy to do it. I've been doing a lot of scrapping and have been having fun hunting down freebies. I just can't say enough how much I love Digital Daisy's website. She does all the work of hunting them down and puts them all on one blog. How convenient is that?! Inevitably, I find a site she has posted that has all kinds of other freebies, so I have to delve into that new site. It's like treasure hunting!
   We're having our pictures done by a photographer friend of mine next Saturday (yes, that's my baby under recent work on her website!). We do this about every six months with her. It's nice to have connections! I just love how relaxed it is...we usually just play outside and Val takes out pictures, and they turn out wonderfully! I just hope Maylee cooperates and lets us take a family picture this time. Last time she was TOO busy to let us hold her and take pictures. Here's a layout I did of that photoshoot. I used the freebie kit "Promise" from the Shabby Princess. This is actually the first digiscrap layout I ever did!

  Maylee and I are both getting over infections; ear for her and sinus for me. This sinus infection has held onto me for almost a month now. And of course, allergy season is starting, so I'm coughing and snotty for another reason, now! She and Daddy are at the park right now, and my house is actually clean, so I have a little time to myself. I'm doing my usual...sitting at the computer. I'll leave you with one of the Easter layouts I did. We had 2 get-togethers, one for each side of the family, and I only have one done. I used the Sunrise Sorbet blog train for this one. It's hard to credit these kinds of things, because so many scrappers contributed!

I also finished the March layout. As usual, I used the 365 kit from CuddleBeez.

Oh, and one more:


  1. Maylee is just so darn cute. I love all the pics, but that one of her running away from Daddy is just so sweet. Can't wait to see photos from your shoot!! Hope the allergies calm down for you! I take benadryl occasionally but it makes me so sleepy. ~Shawntae

  2. oh and thanks for the plug! ;-)