Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Shortly. I will write a new blog post and get back into the groove of things VERY shortly. I CANNOT believe how long it's taken me to get back to normal after I was out of town. And I'm not really even back to normal yet! But I'll write a nice post about my trip and scrapping and stuff shortly. Very shortly. (This post was mainly for me, because I'm sure you guys don't care that I haven't been posting. But if I post that I'm going to post soon, then I'm responsible to myself for doing just that.)


  1. I care!!:)

    I did the same type of thing this week with an unpaid bill. Over 700 days past due. Okay if I just tell you that then you think I skip out on my bills. I don' We had people come for ants a few Springs ago, they came and put stuff inside.. but said they couldn't spray outside for a few days because of rain.. okay fine. So they said what day they were coming and I stayed all day waiting for them, tried calling, no answer. Didn't hear anything from them for over a month, by that time I had to go buy my own ammunition against the ants that never went away. One day Justin and I get home and there is a bill stuck in the door for 70 dollars saying they came and sprayed. Excuse me? You don't show up for a month and then want me to pay you? Besides the fact that I have no way of knowing if they really sprayed, and by this point I had gotten rid of them on my own! Not acceptable. I called her and told her I would pay for what they did inside but that was it. She didn't agree that they didn't perform their job up to par so I ended up hanging up and deciding they weren't getting a dime. Well I stuck to my guns for this long.. but they continue to send me a new bill every month, and every time I receive it I'm mad all over again. So I decided to just pay the stupid thing to get them off my butt and so I don't have to even think about it anymore. So I called her this week to say I would be in in the next few weeks to pay the bill, and that they could save their stamps meanwhile. UGH. Oh my, did I just leave a comment that is longer than the blog post I'm commenting on? Mmmhmm I believe so.;)

  2. It does take a while doesn't it ...
    Since our wedding I'm all over the map too ( although that's in my nature ie my nickname ... LOL )
    And right when I think I got this madness tamed, under control and some what organized, I had to have a surgery ... :-/
    My blog postings are still not scheduled like I would like ( not that I know how to do it neither -blushing- ) and my reading ... well !!! I don't even want to go there ...

    So, take care ... no worries ... when ever you are ready ;-)