Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here goes nothin'

   So I'm going to try to do a post. I have nothing to show, really, but I wanna get back in the groove of things. I have been working non-stop on my sisters wedding scrap pages, and I don't really wanna share them, because she hasn't even seen them yet! I'm almost done. This has made me so far behind on my regular scrapping, so I hope to get caught up sometime.

   My trip went great. I had a great time being with my sisters, nieces and brothers-in-law. The newest addition to my family (the guy my sister married) is a really good guy. I'm so happy she found someone that makes her happy. They seem so perfect for eachother...almost kinda like an opposites attract type thing. Brandon and I are like that and I know from experience it makes for a great connection! I think when two people are too alike, they often clash rather than get along! That's why families are so hard, sometimes!

   As far as being away from my little family, it was hard. Really hard. I broke down at the airport, broke down later that day, broke down the next day, then after that I held it together pretty well. I think Brandon missed me more than he thought he would. We've never texted so much! And Maylee got really good at talking on the phone. We sent lots of pictures to eachother and managed alright. But I've NEVER been so glad to be home!

   Since being back, it's been pretty much back to normal. Work's been going well. I've been listening to books on CD while I work (I actually put them on my MP3 player), like usual, and that makes the days go so much faster. I'm looking so forward to the 1st half of the last Harry Potter movie coming out in November, so I'm going to listen to the last two books pretty soon. I've read them multiple times, and listened to all of them before, too. They're GREAT to listen to. I haven't really been reading much since I got home; too much scrapping to do. Any free time I have is spent in front of the computer

   So instead of sharing scrap pages, I'll just post some regular pics. LOTS of them! Click on any pic to make it full size.

My sister, Melea, the bride-to-be.

My sisters Carla and Melea with Mom.

Jon & Melea Roup

The wedding cake, made by the executive pastry chef of the Hilton in Seattle. Their wedding had a pear theme. It was very impressive to see in person. Pic doesn't do it justice.

Melea & Jon's chihuahua, Tito. He wore a bow tie for the wedding. He cleans up nicely! (He's sitting on my mom's lap. This is one of the few dogs my mom will get close to.)

My nieces playing bride the day after the wedding.

My beautiful big girl.

Maylee playing with her cousin Addison.

Maylee eating an ice cream cone. Mmmmm.

Maylee at Grant's Farm

My two sweeties at Grant's Farm

I love this pic I took the other morning of Maylee in her jammies.

Oh to be two years old again! Love this!

Okay, so that's that. I'm going to get back on blogging schedule now.

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  1. Love the new header! Is it new? Only downfall to Google reader is not knowing when things are updated that way.:)

    Great pics! Love the one of Maylee in her jammies.. makes you take a double take on the positioning. Great catch.:)