Thursday, June 23, 2011


  I am an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I have been a fan of the books for years and love everything Harry Potter. I even enjoy the movies, though I'm careful to keep them separate from the books, because nothing can be as good. This morning, we HP fans got some wonderful news from the author of our beloved series, Jo Rowling. October can't come fast enough!

I am shaking with anticipation! I truly am!


  1. I've never read any of them! I've seen a couple of the movies. Some of the moms in my mom's group book club LOVE the Harry Potter books though, so I've been tempted ...

  2. Oh, Tiff, seriously. I read a lot of books. I mean a lot. The HP series is very well-written. I always tell people, especially adults, that the first 2 books aren't the greatest things, but from the 3rd book on, they have a more mature feel and are amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone.