Friday, August 26, 2011

Dusting off the cobwebs

2 months. Well, 2 months and 3 days if you wanna get specific. Which I shouldn't...because that's just kinda pathetic!

So be warned!! I'm gonna dust off the cobwebs of this old fella and blog again (hmmm...where have you heard that before?) And if you don't like digital scrapbooking stuff and you don't like seeing what I've created, you prolly should just un-follow me. Because that is a lot of what I'll be sharing. It's my hobby and after my family, it's a real joy of mine. It's fun and relaxing and rewarding.

So since I've been gone FOREVER, I'll share a few of my favorite LOs I've done since my absence (that sounds so much nicer than "since I couldn't ever get off my butt and motivated to blog).

Sweet Little Claire by Polkadotplum Designs
Font: Spicy Sushi Roll

 Charming by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs

 Audrey by Pixel Perfect Designs

My Fair Lady by Penny Springman
Font: Journal
Template: Shabby Princess April Project Scrap
Kickin’ It Old School by Misty Cato and Melissa Bennett, Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: DJB Journal Bits

 You Give Me A Reason To Smile by La Grier
Font: Firefly Castle
Template: Out of the Box by Studio Basic Designs

A Fresh Start by Sugar Pie Scraps, Polkadotplum
Blending Masks by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: Black Jack
Template: Layered Up In You 3 by La Grier
Sisterhood by Julie Billingsley
Font: Eight Fifteen

 After the Rain by Meghan Mullens
Some flowers and Word Art from All About Her by Kristen CB
Font: sfBrooke
Inspiration from this site

And something huge that's happened in our house in the last couple of weeks? My baby, my little angel, my sweet little baby girl, has gone to preschool. It's been rough so far. She cries everyday, but when I pick her up, she goes on and on about what a good time she's had and I get to hear all about her day. I'm loving it! I just can't believe how hard it is! I can't come to terms with her being this big. Here are a couple LOs I did to commemorate the event:
My Sugar Pie (retiring Sept. 2011) by Sugar Pie Scraps
Font: Nueva Std

School Days Blues by L’Posh
Template by Scrapping with Liz
Font: Minion Pro
So there we go. A little game of catch-up. Hope to see you guys around!

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  1. I love the school pictures there adorable! Fantastic work on the pages I heart all of them great to see you blogging again :) x