Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hobbies, old and new. And obsessions.

   Thought I'd share with you all a couple things that are a big part of my life. Some are VERY obvious, but some you may not know about.

   Let's get the obvious out of the way. Digiscrap. I love it. Like really, really love it. It's creative, beautiful, and I've met some wonderful people through it. I'm not going to post favorite layouts or anything, you can look back through my old posts and see tons and tons of stuff I've created. I DO want to mention some of my favorite digi people, though.

Tiff at Dotted with Dots (the MOST INCREDIBLE minimalistic LOs you'll ever see. Seriously. Did you know one perfectly placed picture, with just the right elements is pure bliss?)

Deb at Starlight-Creations. (She's my bestie. My BFF. My girl. That's that.)

Favorite digi-stops... Polka Dot Plum, Sweet Shoppe, Scrapable, The Digichick, Scrap Orchard, Digishoptalk,  Me So Scrappy. Love all these places!

Mars at scrap.teach.rant. (Great scrapper and all around fab lady)

   Next obsession: contemporary a cappella music. Have you even heard of that? I'm sure you know what a cappella is (singing without instruments), but contemporary a cappella takes it a step farther. These groups are truly bands, with every instrument done with the voice only. Drums, guitars, horns....the whole nine yards. Some of you know that I'm a singer. I sang all through high school and my college years. I miss it a lot. I miss being part of that community and I love the high of singing in front of people. It was a real joy. Anyway, if you don't know anything about contemporary a cappella, I have a few examples and starting points for you. First off, check this video out. This is the group Duwende. Lemme just say they are of the best groups out there!! This is a great example of contemporary a cappella.

Another resource I love for contemporary a cappella is a podcast I listen to every week, Mouth Off!
They talk about what's currently happening in the a cappella world and review a record every month. I wanted to mention a big thing happening in the world of a cappella. Have you seen the NBC show "The Singoff?" It's been on for two seasons right around Christmas time. This has really brought a cappella into the mainstream and we're all looking forward to a new season starting in a couple weeks! With a cappella being kind of a niche "thing," this show is especially exciting to me, because I know a lot of the people that work behind the scenes on the show! I can't wait to see their names in the credits when I watch it. And, of course, I can't wait to hear the amazing music coming out of their mouths, too! Here's a favorite clip of last year's show, just to give you a taste.

And I have another video that is my favorite, because it's so good, yet it's so hilarious, that I want to share. Since I've already showed 2 videos, I'll just link you to it. But watch it. You WILL NOT regret it. Pour Some Sugar on Me by OTR.

   Okay, next on my obsession list is crocheting. I just learned how to about 2 weeks ago and I've actually made time to practice! My friend Val had a little crochet party, with her, me, and our friend Stacey (together, Val and Stacey make the photography duo that take our awesome family pictures every year), getting together to eat good food and learn my new obsession. We had a great time, but I picked it up rather slowly LOL. I learned one stitch and brought my "project" home and practiced until I felt like I had mastered that stitch. But the problem came when I thought I was ready to try a new stitch. Val lives too far away for us to just pop buy each other's houses, so she tried to teach me by just telling me what to do...yeah, that wasn't working for my thick head. So I popped on YouTube and found a quick and easy video showing me how to do it and I picked up that stitch, too. So now I know the single and double half crochet stitches. I'm practicing those stitches until I have them down pat and then I'll learn another one. From what I hear, there are only like 6, so I'm already a third there!

   Last but not least, my Pinterest obsession. Have you heard of it? Pinterest is a place your visual ideas you see online. It's the ultimate bookmarking site. Check out my boards here. You set up different "pin boards" and pin stuff you see around the internet into one place where all your thoughts can come together. I'm probably not describing it's awesomeness well enough, but I really do love it. Not only do I draw digital scrapbooking inspiration from it, I get recipes, house decorating ideas, photography ideas, craft ideas....on and on. You follow people's boards that inspire you and people in turn follow your boards. If you think you might like it, send me your e-mail address and I'd be happy to send you an invite. Come join the madness!!


  1. Uh yes Pinterest is AMAZING!
    And so is youtube! You can teach yourself to do anything with youtube tutorials. ♥ them! I plan to teach myself to play the piano with it one day (when I get a I'm hoping that the notes and scales will all come rushing back to me. I played the flute for three years through junior high. 1st and 2nd chair for most of it I might add.;)

    I'll have to set my dvr for Sing-Off. We love that show too. How cool that you know ppl behind the scenes. They should totally hook you up with tickets to a show. OR you should get into a group and be on it yourself! I know you're an amazing singer! You should make a video and post it on Youtube! If you do, your first song should be Adele-Someone like you. I'm addicted to that song. lol

  2. Oh, Kate, you are too kind! Thank you so much. I watched the third a cappella video (Sugar one), and it really made me laugh. I actually watched it twice. I got James to glance at it, and he went off on some spiel about Def Leppard.

  3. I don't think you picked up crochet slowly AT ALL. Seems about right... you're doing well. We need to plan our next night.