Friday, September 9, 2011

Some new LOs

Haven't posted in a few days (and I was doing so well, too!!), so I thought I'd pop over and show a few new LOs I've done. Yeah, I know...bore you with more of my "art." I actually don't know if I consider it art, though it is very important to me. Now, I have seen some LOs that I consider art. But mine...nah.

And just so you know, I don't scrap chronologically. A lot of scrappers do, but I came to the scrapping game when my daughter was already almost 2, so I have a lot of older pictures that I use to scrap. Oh, not to mention the the pictures I already scrapped, but scrapped when I WAS NOT good, so I like to use them over to give them the LO they deserve (not that I'm like some super-scrapper now. I still have a lot to learn and will be the first to admit it!). Anyway, enough rambling. Now on the the scrapping ramblings.

This first one is of my new...ummm....2nd cousin once removed??? It's my mom's first cousin's daughter's son. Can you figure that out for me, Val? (She's my resident genealogist). Anyway, my cousin Mandy had a gorgeous new son, Sammy. I wanna squish him!!

Noah & Co. by Lacey Bittner Designs
Page Template volume 3 by Thaty Borges
Font: CK Alayna

Maylee looks so little and smiley here. She's still little and smiley, but much bigger than THIS little and smiley.

Life is Bliss by Meghan Mullens
Template: Cluster Queen freebie

This was Christmas day last year. Maylee was being such a typical toddler. She got tons of new toys for Christmas, yet she played with the box. Huh.

What I Love About You by Daybreak Scraps
A Lot Of Papers Templates by Meghan Mullens
Font: Courier New

My sweet, sweet babies. Maylee loves her Daddy so much, and of course, he is wrapped around her finger. I love watching the two of them together. It makes my heart melt and my soul sing.

Occasionally by Polka Dot Plum Designs
Shabby Princess Project Scrap August Template
Font: Eight Fifteen

Beautiful, not 100+ degree days are here! We went to the park to celebrate! Maylee calls this the "curly slide."

My Happiness by Sugar Pie Scraps
Page Template by Thaty Borges
Font: Carrington

I love this picture. Maylee looks so sweet and it's so cute with her little boots. This, more than the baby picture above, shows me how big she's getting, I think.

Ribbon Stacks by Lacey Bittner Designs
Fresh ‘n Funky 2 Templates by Lacey Bittner Designs
Papers and elements from Sweet Stuff and Noah & Co. by Lacey Bittner Designs

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