Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day zero?

Is this how it's gonna go? Am I going to number days? I don't think I wanna do that. I don't think. I'll prolly make a liar of myself and on day 4,328 I'll have counted every single day and then die.

Today was a good day. I did well eating, and I didn't feel hungry. Yesterday after being in bed for about 10 minutes I realized how hungry I was, so I knew I didn't want to do that today. I planned my lunch and made it last night and knew I'd be ok during the day. I'm busy at work and multi-tasking and even when I'm hungry, I often put off eating to get this or that finished. It's when I get home that shit hits the fan. I wanna run to the fridge and see what I can shove in my mouth chipmunk style. Saying that, I realize I should probably plan a snack around 2:45 or so (Pink Lady apples anyone? Mmmmmmm).

I allow myself two indulgences and no one's gonna budge me on them. My coffee made the way I want it (2 10-oz(ish?) cups a day), and salad dressing. I like a lot of lite dressings and can do vinaigrettes every once in a while, but usually I want a creamy something or other. Oh yeah, and croutons. I try not to tell myself I absolutely, 100% can't have something, cause like a defiant toddler, I will do my damndest to prove myself wrong. I'll obsess over that one food I'm not allowing myself to have until I want to poke my eyes out. And then I have an internal struggle of keeping my eyes or having a Reece's PB cup. Hey guess what? I still have two eyes, so you know which side always wins in that fight.

I made myself a huge salad for lunch. 2 different types of lettuce (butter lettuce (my fave) red looseleaf lettuce), a scattering of bacon bits, 2 tbs. shredded cheese, 1/2 a cucumber and a bunch of grape tomatoes. I topped it with cucumber ranch dressing and garlic and cheese croutons. It was a fat salad and I felt stuffed afterwards, with less than 400 calories on my tally sheet thankyouverymuch.
One thing I need to consciously work on is drinking more water. I've heard all the screaming about all the benefits of drinking a shit ton of water per day, so I gotta get on that.

On the topic of drinks, I would like to allow myself one pat on the back. I haven't had soda, diet or otherwise, in almost 5 months. Dayum guurl!! You done good! I very, very, very much was in love with Diet Cherry Pepsi, and I surprise myself every day when I kinda don't miss them. Kinda.

I came home and started studying, too. I started using a website and app called Quizlet. It's a website that you put terms and stuff in and then it sets ups tests and games and is a great way to stay focused while studying. I use the app while sitting on the toilet at work. Don't judge. You all know you pee and Facebook at the same time. The great thing about Quizlet, as well, is people make a test set and it's there for the public! So those students who have done my class in the past have already done all the work for me, putting in all the data. I get to be lazy AND study at the same time. Score.

Why, you may ask, am I blogging and not studying? Good question. Very good question. I WILL say that I have a quick mind while writing, and I legit type 100+ words a minute, so it's taken me about 20 seconds to type this whole post. So there.

I think I'm gonna come up with a catchphrase. Something catchy and snazzy that will make me famous. So stay tuned.

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  1. I don't count my days. Some days are going to be worse than others. I like to think some days (eating wise) don't happen. I just go with it from a week's perspective. :-) If I did well most the week, then I am happy.
    I am with you though. There are some things (coffee!) that I just wont give up. Trying to just causes me to binge on said item. If I really want something, I eat it. Just not go crazy on it.
    It is impressive you have gone that long w/o soda. I think I will drink the occasional dr. pepper until I die. I love it too much. :-)