Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome new followers...friends

   I gotta tell you, I have made such awesome and diverse friends over at DST. There were a core bunch of us that stayed on this one thread for such a long time (a record for DST, I bet!) and we got to be friends and I think that is so cool. Just wanted to say welcome to my boring blog:





And the infamous Mars (see previous post)

  I also participate pretty regularly in the Creative Forum Discussion at DST as well. (I've mentioned them quite a few times.) Here are a couple people I've met through that thread:



I'm serious when I say these ladies are ALL great artists and/or designers and I am so glad I've met them. They continually provide me inspiration, education and laughs.

Thank you ladies. Sorry my blog isn't more exciting, but I'm glad to have you around.

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