Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time to read Tuesday

OK, this is the scenario I'm in right now. I started listening to this book at work months ago (you all know how I like to listen to audio books while I'm at work). Now I'm far enough into it that I HAVE to finish, but the main character is really started to get on my freaking nerves!! Do you ever do that? I would probably stop reading it if I didn't have so much time invested in it already. And speaking of time, you all know it never takes me this long to read/listen to a book, so that kinda tells you that I've been reluctant to listen to it.

Anyway, even with that being said, I like the book alright. I mean, I'm reading it, aren't I? Plus, what I didn't mention is that it's the 2nd book in a 2-book series, so I can't NOT finish it. I have to know how the stories wrap up.

Just tell us what the book is already!!! (That's what I can hear you all yelling at me). Well, here 'tis.

Eona by Alison Goodman

I DO like IT because it has interesting Chinese folklore and I get to learn about a different culture, even if it is a fantasy-type story. Plus, it has a kick-ass female main character, which I always appreciate, even if I want to bean her over the head with her own swords quite often.

Also, just as an aside, on my Kindle right now I'm reading the classic novel Great Expectations by Dickens. I'm reading this because they made a mini-series that's going to be on Masterpiece Theater in April and I LOVE anything Masterpiece, so I wanna know the story. It's starting slow, but I hear it really is a good one. It's not a classic for nothing, you know.

Oh, and another aside, did you all notice how I just jumped back into blogging like nothing happened and I didn't just lose like a whole month? Yeah...we'll pretend that didn't happen.

Love to all,


  1. You really make me want to read ya know? I did get a quarter of the way through the book The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler before Shaun pulled out my bookmark (letter from the library letting me know it's overdue, actually) and lost my spot. I like what I've read so far! I need to hurry and read it so I can take it back though. Question? Do librarians get upset with people that consistently forget to take back books for months at a time? I don't want anyone angry at me! I always pay more than I'm charged in the late fee! lol

  2. Renew it you silly girl! All you have to do is call them, and they'll renew it. Because...yes, it's quite aggravating when a patron is constantly overdue.

    On another note, not that The Art of Happiness isn't an amazing book, but maybe try reading something a little more...fun, to whet your reading appetite. Teen fiction is huge right now, and there's some really awesome stuff out there. You know where to come if you need suggestions.

    1. Now I feel bad! I actually only just got the letter a few days ago and had totally forgotten I even had the book. I've had it since November. But I will go down tomorrow and pay my late fee and check it back out... and apologize.:)At least I know the book isn't on demand. It hadn't been checked out since 2007.

      And about the teen fiction books, have you read Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment? A bloggy friend just started the series and said it really sucks you in.

  3. Yeah, if the book's not on hold, they'll probably just keep renewing the book. Be a good little patron! :)

    Yes, I read the first, like 5 Maximum Ride books. I DID like the first 3 or 4. I couldn't even finish the fifth and haven't read any more of them. I really didn't like them after that. Anyway, that type of book is kind of action/adventure/scifi. I'm SURE you've heard talk about the Hunger Games books. READ THEM. Awesomesauce. Also, Rick Riordan writes good stuff. You may have heard of the Percy Jackson series. If you want a more romance-y story, Cassandra Clare's a good one. (These are all teen books, btw. If/when you want adult fiction recommendations, lemme know).