Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OUCH! and Time to Read Tuesday

Well, you know how I always complain about not having the time to sit and read like I used to? Well, I've been looking for a solution to the problem, but the one that ended up happening definitely wasn't one I planned on.

Saturday morning, I stepped down off of our porch and the welcome mat that was there slipped out from underneath me and I fell. HARD. After a very hard time getting me to the car, we went to the ER. Diagnoses: chipped tibia (shin bone) down by ankle and fractured tibia. All I knew is that it freaking hurt. And kept hurting. And hurt some more. I'm not usually that whiny, but dang I was in pain.

Monday, I got an appointment with an orthopedic specialist that the ER doc referred me to. Let me explain something to you guys. I live on a hill...I usually say I live down in a hole. My driveway is level with our second-story windows. We have to go down a set of stairs off of our driveway just to get to our front door. Well, I had to get up these stairs to the car to go to the doctor. Somehow, with the help of my mother and a lot of me saying, "I'm scared, Mom! I don't think I can do this, Mom!," I finally made it to the car. I was sweating profusely and so shaky and exhausted I think I could have fallen asleep right then and there. But I knew I got to ride in a wheelchair once I got to the hospital, so I was like, "let's go!" Let's just say the crutches aren't the easiest thing for me and they have made me so sore I could cry.

OK, back to the orthopedic specialist. When I got there, he said with the description of my pain, he wanted to get new x-rays. I was complaining of my ankle hurting on both sides (not just the side that the chipped bone was on), plus my calf was really hurting all the way up to my knee. After some excruciating  manipulation of my leg/foot, the x-rays were taken. He came in and told me I have a "special" break. Yeah, of course I did. So this was my new diagnoses. I broke my tibia halfway between my ankle and knee. WAY higher than was first thought. But that was the good news. My ankle was the doozy. I had twisted my ankle and popped it out of socket. The tendon holding the ankle joint together then snapped. So my ankle was just kinda wobbling around in there. And on top of all that, he said that the initial x-ray wouldn't have shown this, because my ankle was slowly breaking over the last two days. So THAT'S where all that pain was coming from! I was just glad that my pain was legitimate and I wasn't just being a baby :)

So this is my view when I'm parked at the computer. I'm so glad we found a way that I could situate myself at the computer for a while. I usually can only stay here for an hour or so, but I'm thankful for that!

And just so you know, the husband that I gush over all the time is proving himself all over again to be the best, most amazing husband ever. He is taking such wonderful care of me. He's doing things no man should have to do for their wife. Maylee is being a great helper, too. I hate being so helpless and having to have everybody do every little thing for me, but I think I'm coming to terms with it. I may even start liking it :D. No, I'm hoping that I feel better after the surgery and can be a bit more mobile.

Ok, that's my story. Sorry it's so long. OH! The original point of this post was supposed to be what I'm reading. Well, I'm still reading Great Expectations, and I expect to have more time to read now, so maybe I'll get finished with it soon.

Til later, my friends,


  1. Oh, I feel so sorry for you! I hope you have a fast recovery.

  2. I hope you recover quickly too! I know I would be a huge baby if I broke anything, so far I never have. The worst pain I've felt is hard back labor (before I had the epidural and felt nothing, which was both good and bad) and migraine headaches. I get to a certain point of pain and then comes the vomiting! Ickk... anyway, I'm glad you have a great hubby and daughter to help take care of you and I hope your pain meds are doing their job!! Get well soon so we can plan a day! :)

  3. Poor baby. I just can't believe you went so long like you did with it like that, without knowing it was so bad. Kind of incompetent ER... O_o

  4. Wondering when Kate is going to update again...