Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Question #3 and Photo Friday

  Yo, yo everybody. Hope all is well in your world. My world is...itchy. The weather may be beautiful, but the mosquitoes are still out in full force. Maylee and I are bitten all up. I ordered a yard mosquito go-away thingy; it should be here Monday. I hate not being able to go outside and play just because we're so sweet and the mosquitoes like us so much! Stupid bugs.

   You know I'm doing that online backup? I'm glad I'm doing it, but the initial backup is taking FOREVER! The site said the average initial download was 1-2 weeks. Well tomorrow is two weeks and it's nowhere near done. So I went to the site and they evaluated my status and said it would take 28 days from the day I started! Geez!! I know I have a lot of files to backup on my computer, but I had no idea!! Oh well, it's usually okay. It makes things run a little slower with the backup going on in the background, but nothing I can't handle.

   I finally started reading that book I mentioned yesterday, Mockingjay. I actually had to MAKE myself stop reading so I could get this post up. It's great so far. I hope I sleep tonight. When I have a book that I've waited a long time to read and it finally comes in, I have a tendency to want to stay up all night and finish it!

   Well, for my Friday photo, I was looking through my stuff trying to decide what to post. I'm going to try hard not to post pictures of my kid every week. That's too easy! I have bagillions of them! The first Photo Friday I posted pics of my wonderful husband. Last week was a picture of my kid. So this week I'll post a picture of another member of our of our kitties! Her name is JellyBean and we got her as a little kitten about 5 years ago. This isn't the best picture, but I'm in a hurry folks! I got a book burning a whole in my couch, which is worse than money burning a hole in my pocket for me!!

  So, for my Friday questions, I'm taking a little help from everyday life.

How long does it take you to get ready for work in the morning, and why?

   This is kinda a cop out for me, because the answer is so easy. It takes me about 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. I'm not one of these people that has to look like a million bucks every time she steps out the door. It would take a miracle to make me look like a million bucks, anyway! LOL! I have professional looking clothes, and I wear them. That's it! I get up, brush my teeth, throw my hair in a ponytail, put my clothes on and I'm ready! Nope, no makeup. Nope, no spending forever on my hair curling it or straightening it (my hair is straight as a board). I DO put on deodorant! I usually try to remember to spritz a spray of perfume on, but I usually forget. Nuttin' special!! What you see is what you get...that's me for sure!
(I do wear makeup and do my hair if I'm going out with my hubby or friends, but it's not a daily thing. Just FYI.)

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