Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sizzling summer

   Hey everyone. Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Saturday. It's days like these that make me miss living in the country. I miss being able to just walk out the door and be in wide-open spaces and enjoy the summer breeze, but usually I'm very satisfied living near civilization! I come from a town where it took 30 minutes to get anywhere, so I find it nice to be able to run and get a gallon of milk just 2 miles away!

   I got to drop Maylee off at her Grandma and Grandpa's house this morning and have a little me time! It was really nice. I also got some birthday money from my in-laws, so I stopped at Cato on the way home and got myself a new outfit off the clearance rack! It's really pretty, and I very rarely get myself new clothes, so I'm excited!

   Speaking of my in-laws, their house is like a huge playgound/game room for Maylee. My mom-in-law has been collecting toys for her grandkids since before she had any! Not only does she have a toy room where she has huge collections of toys (all very organized), but she has a whole detached garage that is nothing but a huge play area. She also has a fenced-in yard with all kinds of swings and climbing/jungle gyms. It's a kids dream to go there! I'm so glad I have such a great mother-in-law and Maylee has such great grandparents! And I don't have to worry about anything, because she keeps everything so clean and she keeps an eye on her so well, mainly because she's right there playing with her!

   I was looking through old videos today and trying to organize some stuff on my PC today and came across the funniest video that I hadn't paid too much attention to the first time I saw it apparently. To set it up a little, Maylee (well, all of us really) just love The Laurie Berkner Band and we have all her music. She's a children's music artist. Most times, when we're singing together, Maylee really gets into it and dances and does all these different moves and stuff. But, of course, when I turn on the camera, she stops doing all of it. So in this video, we're in the car, and I'm prompting her to lick on her imaginary ice cream cone while we sing the song Ice Cream Cone. I'm driving, so I just kind of sat the camera on my shoulder and hoped for the best, so that's why the video kinda sucks, but check out what happens at about the :21 mark:

  SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME!!! I swear, the first time I noticed it, I just about peed my pants laughing! That is sooooo funny! She was one month away from her 2nd birthday in this video, so she's already rolling her eyes at me before she even turns two!! I've watched this about 20 times today and laugh out loud every time!! (Oh, and P.S., this is the first time I've ever loaded a video in Blogger. After previewing it, I'm gonna have to find another way to do it, like upload it to YouTube and embed it or something. I don't like how small the player is. Now back to regular programming....)
   So I was a little productive today with my alone time. I scrapped two pages. I think I'm gonna search for some kind of speed scrap or scrap competition tonight (if I don't end up going to be early...I'm really tired for some reason! I guess NOT having my kid all day wore me out?). But these are the two pages I did:

  I used a combination of Delicious Scraps Cherries on Ice kit and Scrap Orchard's designer Julie Bullock's Birthday Girl kit. Oh, and the "P" in princess is Alpha from the Scrapping Sisters' Chic kit.

  Next page I did was from a collab kit from Digi Scrapbook Mania called One Fine Day. One of the designers on that kit was one of my faves, Modern June. The Alpha is from Julie Bullock's Trixie kit.

 I just LOVE scrapping pictures of my little girl. I'm going to have to do some of me and Brandon soon, though.

   Hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend. The heats coming back full force in the next couple of days. They said the high on Tuesday is 101, and that's not with the humidity factored in (heat index). Yuck, yuck, YUCK! I don't like the heat! Now if I had a pool, that might be a different story...

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