Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post #40

   Blogger tells me this is my 40th post. Hm. I'm trying to post more, but sometimes I just don't have anything to say or anything to share, so I feel like it'd be stupid to post to the 8 people who actually read this and waste their time! I at least have a scrap page to share today, so that's something!

   We've all been doing pretty well. My mom and brother moved out officially this weekend, though most of their stuff is still here! We're pretty sure we're going to turn half of the guest bedroom into a play room (yeah, like half is ever really gonna work. That room's gonna be taken over in no time!). I want Maylee to have a place to play AWAY from the TV, and I'm a believer (at least now) of not having too much stuff in her bedroom. It needs to be a place of sleep, not play, especially when we're going to be transitioning into a big-girl bed in the next few months. And as far as the TV, even when it's not turned to something for her, my silly husband's got to have the stupid thing on, and she'll watch it. I'd have the thing off most of the time she's awake if I could, but Brandon's not in agreement! That's not to say I don't love to watch TV, because my post a few posts ago illustrated that we watch way too much TV, but I like to watch it AFTER she goes to bed! Anyway...

   Maylee's going to the babysitter's this morning. She has a great time when she's there, but convincing her of that in the morning is not easy. She doesn't want to get dressed. She doesn't want to go see her friends. She doesn't want to get in the car seat. She doesn't want to...   you get my drift. Once she's there, she's fine, but getting her out the door is a chore (hey, that rhymes). I guess I'm going to be looking for her a daycare for when she turns three. Preschool through the school district might not be an option, so I'm looking at daycares or even very structured babysitters with activities and learning time and stuff. I can't believe my baby is that big already! I just don't want to throw her into kindergarten and she's never really been in a school-like setting before. That sounds scary, even to me!

  I've started to keep a log when I scrap. I have a text document open and keep track of every credit I need for a particular page. For example, this is what I have for the page below: (I linked them for my blog only, of course)

Too Cute to Spook
Background & Pumpkin: Fangs for the Memories - Summer Driggs
               Autumn SunsetRaspberry Road

This is an older one was done with Owl Always Have Spring - Summer Driggs.

Well, that's that.

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