Friday, December 17, 2010

Lots of pics and links! Christmas excitement!

   We've had a great couple of weeks. Christmas is coming and we are excited!! We've decorated the tree, learned new songs, gotten some snow (though it was too cold and windy to go play in it), and had Christmas at the in-laws! Oh, and we've been reading "The Night Before Christmas" every night for about 2 weeks now. We are in the Christmas spirit! I can't wait until Christmas eve when we'll bake cookies and put the key on the door for Santa! Christmas here we come!

   Yep, we already had Christmas at my in-laws! Remember when I told you guys we had our pictures done for my mother-in-law? And she was going to love them and I was so excited to give them to her? Wel...she loved them! We all had so much fun watching her open them. We gave them to her before any of the kids opened their gifts so it was all about them at that moment. I thought it was really special! Here's my MIL receiving them:

   After that, the kids got to rip into their presents! Maylee couldn't believe all these presents were for her!

Here's a layout I did of Maylee opening her presents:


Dreaming of Christmas by Irene Alexeeva

 One of her gifts was this little puppy that walks and you can play with it in the bath, so it has these little bath goggles. Maylee decided she needed the goggles more than the puppy did:

Can you tell they're a little too small? They're for a toy dog head, not your head, Maylee!

     I've kinda been on a scrapbooking streak as of late. I guess I have some creative juices running or something 'cause I'm cranking pages out left and right! And I'm glad! Sometimes I go for a couple days with no ideas and I hate that. Here's some pages I've done recently.
Charlie by Digitreats

Shabby Christmas Blog hop by the Studio
Papers – Digilicious, Angel Hartline Designs, Deli Scraps by Min
Elements – Deli Scraps by Min, Designs by Darlene Houghin, Kimberkatt Scraps, Lightning Bug Creations, Digilicious, eqrAveziur Graphic & Design, Angel Hartline Designs, Piggy Scraps Designs

Enchanted Neighborhood by Irene Alexeeva

   We're going to go see Santa Claus and one of his reindeer (a live reindeer!!) at the library tomorrow. We're excited! I hope Maylee sits on his lap with no problems...she was kinda leery of him last year, but in the end she sat on his lap without crying. Hopefully this year will be good as well.

Love to all!


  1. I love them all! I really really love that last one! So sweet.:)

  2. aww your pages always make me smile!