Sunday, November 21, 2010


   Hey e'rybody. It's been almost a week...but I was sick! And Maylee was sick-ish, but thank God it never got really bad. And now the hubby's sick. And guess who's the worst??? Yep, the hubby. Why are men such babies when sick? He laid on the couch, then took a 3 hour (?!?!) nap, then laid on the couch some more. Wah! Oh, well, if I baby him I figure he gets "better" faster. And no, he's not nearly as sick as I was. So I'm done pouting about how no one took care of me when I was sick. Sniff.

   My mom was also sick this week. On Wednesday, she tells me this little story, which just thrilled me. Mom came over and wasn't feeling well; she mentioned that she had a sinus headache. This is what happened later that day: Mom falls asleep on the couch. Maylee finds the jar of peanut butter (which my mom has left on the counter, lid ajar. She has a problem with leaving the lids off of things). When Mom wakes up, she finds Maylee squirreled away under the kitchen table eating fistfuls of peanut butter. I told my mom that if she feels badly, it's not a big deal for me to take Maylee to the sitter's at the spur-of-the-moment. Needless to say, next day she went to the sitters. Oi vey. Oh, and she didn't poop for like 3 days. Just though you'd all like to know that little tidbit. Eating large quantities of peanut butter will apparently constipate you. Oh, and mom's feeling better.

   Later this morning I'm going to go see the new Harry Potter movie! I'm super excited. I'm going with a girlfriend and Maylee's staying with Brandon (he had planned to go with us, but he's sick now). I'm so glad they broke this one into two parts, but it's going to be so hard waiting until JULY to see the next one!

   I don't want to make this post really long, but I want to talk about books I've been reading, TV I've been watching, and of course my scrapbooking, so I'll just pick 2 of the three (cause you know I'm not leaving out my scrapping!). I'm kinda glad we're going into the holiday season, because that means primetime TV will go into rerun mode! And I need some time to catch up on stuff! I'm at least 3 episodes behind on both How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. And worse of all, we're 7 (or 8?) episodes behind on House. We haven't watched one all season. We'll probably never get to them :( Oh well, there's plenty of other good shows we're watching. Here's the rundown of things we watch/record: Mondays: Chuck (love, love, love it!), House & How I Met Your Mother (already covered these), Mike & Molly (Brandon loves this show, which surprises me. We haven't watched a traditional sitcom in a while, and this one's pretty funny), and The Event (a good mystery). Tuesday: Glee (Love this!), Raising Hope (so funny!), Dirty Jobs (Brandon loves this, I don't usually watch it), and Parenthood (I really like this show). Wednesday: Better With You (we've kept watching this one, though it's not really that great. I guess if we keep watching it though, it's good enough to watch), Modern Family (the best 1/2 hour comedy I've watched in years, or maybe ever watched. I don't like calling it a sitcom, because it's so different from one.) Mythbusters (we've watched this for years and both find it funny and interesting), and Stormwatchers (Brandon likes this one, not to big on it). Thursday (oh boy): Big Band Theory (I like this one more than Brandon, which may explain why we're behind on it), Community (this one's funny, though the last couple of episodes have been kinda blah), Grey's Anatomy (my favorite drama), Fringe (love this show! So scary I can't watch it until usually mid-day on Saturday or Sunday), Nikita (this one's pretty good. I'm kinda surprised I like it, but it sucked me in. Of course Brandon likes it...a hot woman usually wearing black leather. Yep.), and Burn Notice (love this show!). Sunday: The Next Iron Chef America (this one's almost over, but I love this show). I feel like I'm missing a few shows, but oh well. And yes, this is a lot of TV, but this is how it works: we record everything, there's very few things we watch in "real time," so we don't waste time with commercials. A lot of this stuff Brandon watches and I "listen" to while I'm doing stuff on my computer. And it goes without saying that we watch this stuff when Maylee's gone to be or is napping on the weekends. We might watch something like Mythbusters or even Parenthood while Maylee's awake, but nothing that's too adult.

   Wow, that was a long, probably very boring paragraph. I should have put put a disclaimer at the beginning of it that you could feel free to just skim it if you want, but I didn't and now I'm too lazy to go back and do it. So if you actually read all that word-for-word, you are a good friend and maybe even my new best friend. This paragraph is shaping up to be a real stinker, too. I'll just move on.

   Whew, so anyway, I've spent a lot of time on my new favorite place, DigiShopTalk. Talking on the forums, posting my layouts, trying to win free stuff. It's great. I even joined the Gallery over at Shabby Princess. They have a lot less members, so I get a lot more comments and views of my stuff over there. But to post there, you have to have used 75% of Shabby Princess stuff, and of course not all of my pages are using their kits. But it's nice to have 2 places! Though I've started 3 pages this past week, I've only finished one. I used a Shabby Princess kit so I could post at both places:

Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess
(I had to remove this from my blog for a couple of weeks because this LO is being featured in this online Scrapping Magazine. How cool is that? I'm super excited!)

Oh, we got our family pictures back from Target. I was really pleased with the pictures, especially for what we paid. Remember, we took these as a surprise Christmas present for my Mother-in-law, and she's going to be so excited and surprised. She loves pictures as much as I do, and that's sayin' somthing! So I'm going to post the totally illegal scans I took of them. Don't go sharing them anywhere, or I'll get sent to copyright jail.

While we were there, we got a couple shots of just our little family, too. 

The photographer told us to squish our faces together with Maylee's and she just put her hands around our faces like this. It was really cute!

So that's that. Until next time, adieu!


  1. The pics are wonderful, your MIL will be thrilled! And I really did read MOST of the paragragh about the TV shows, lol, because we do the same, never watch live TV. We like some of the same shows, my faves are the sitcoms, because it's hard for me to sit still for an hour show and stay awake, I'm old! Grey's and Parenthood are the exeptions, but do you find that Parenthood is annoying sometimes, all the loud bickering? We FF through that part. I could never stand to listen to my own kids bicker when then were young, so I surely don't like watching it on TV! And who knew peanut butter was constipating, poor little Maylee! Hope everyone feels better soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Same here.. read all of it:) I HATE watching live television. If I am forced to watch something live time I always have a backup channel to flip to while I
    We are huge fans of Big Bang Theory, How I met you mother, Rules of Engagement, MIke and Molly (my new fave), Fringe (we are several episodes behind), and Parenthood (LOVE the bickering and big family thing, probably because I'm an only child and never had a huge close family).

    The photos turned out great! I won't turn you in for copyright

  3. dang! I thought I was a tv junkie... you might tie me for that...yes! I love Glee (but I'm so behind) and I love Parenthood. It would be nice to be in a big family functional yet disfunctional family.. KWIM?
    and... that last pic is adorable!