Monday, April 11, 2011


  Hey all! I wanted to share something so fun that a friend and I are doing together! This is my first year doing the Amazing Digi Scrap Race (ADSR), that's put on by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking. My partner, Val, has run the race twice before with different partners. Basically, you have stops on the race where you have to complete a challenge. The stops are at different digiscrap forums and each challenge is so different! We're already on challenge #5. We get a challenge every Sunday and Tuesday. We have until the following Sunday to complete both of them. When I started this race, I told myself I couldn't procrastinate on the layouts, and I haven't! I've gotten them all done soon after we've received our challenge. The theme for this challenge is family...I can dig that!! So here's a description of the challenges and my LOs that I did with them.

Challenge #1 - Host site: Digi Scrap Connect
Create a LO using 6 fun facts about your family. Items required on this LO: 1.At least one photo of your family. 2.At least 6 items listing trivia/fun facts about your family.
Kitschy by Akizo Designs
Font: Toony Loons

Challenge #2 - Host site: Scrappity-doo-dah 
Peek-a-boo challenge. Items required: 1.Two background papers 2.One photo, cropped to 3"x3" 3.Cut 3 shapes out of your top paper to show bottom paper (peek-a-boo) 4.Journal about someone in your family that has inspired you 5.Add a cluster around your photo.
Kit: Spontaneous Delight by Carrie Stephens
Some elements: Tea & Honey by Honey Designs
Font: Angel Tears

Challenge #3 - Host site:  Natural Designs in Scrapbooking
Family play time. Create a LO telling us what your family enjoys doing together. Twist: you have to make the LO LOOK like that activity.
Perfect Picnic by Polkadotplum Designers
Font: Veteran Typewriter

Challenge #4 - Host site: Digiscrap Station - Intersection (Only one member of the team produces a LO)
Traveling family. One member supplies photos and journaling, the other member produces the LO. Make a LO about your family's travels. Have the vehicle of these travels play a predominant part in the LO.

Val gave me photos and journaling and I whipped this up. No kit used.

Challenge #5 - Host site: OScraps
LO about yourself. What would YOU do if you had a day to yourself? This was a recipe challenge, meaning they gave you all the directions for the LO and you made it what you wanted. This is the recipe I went with:
Background Paper
Three Flowers (can be the same flower used three times)
Word Art
One More Paper
Stamp or brush
One, Two or Three Photos

Of course, you all know what I'D do if I had a day to myself!!
Moments by Cinzia
Word Art by Scrapping Sisters
Photojackets from Library Thing personal account

  So tomorrow morning we'll get a new challenge and I'm looking forward to it. I may not have loved all of these challenges, but I have been getting my scrap on, and I have ADSR to thank for that!

   I'll wait until I have another few LOs put together and share my next leg of the ADSR with you guys! Wish me happy racing!!


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