Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whoa! Check this out!

  **Disclaimer-- This whole post needs to be read in your best infomercial-announcer-guy voice. These deals are seriously so unbelievable that that's what it reminds me of!**

Jumbbumble Designs is going wild and crazy! Melanie is set to potentially give away hundreds of prizes!! No kidding! The more fans she gets on her Facebook, Twitter and followers on her blog, the more you win! Get this:

For Facebook and Twitter:

100 likes everyone gets 1 free template
500 likes everyone gets 2 free templates
1000 likes everyone gets 3 free templates
More than 1000 likes everyone gets 4 free templates

Yes, you read that right. ALL THE FANS will get this prize. She's not picking one or two from the hundreds fans, she's giving templates to everyone! Isn't that amazing?! I've seriously never heard of any designer doing something on this scale.


If she gets 25 new blog followers, she'll give out a discount coupon for anything in her store or a freebie. And since she's being so generous, I'm gonna bet it's a freebie LOL!

Oh, and that's not all!!

For one lucky follower/liker, she's going to give away:
1 week full access to her store 
ALL templates for free
1 time new release Sweet Spring templates

This is going on for the whole month of April, so spread the word! You won't be getting all these amazing prizes if she doesn't get the followers! Tell your friends! Tell your friends' friends! Go tell it on the mountain!

Good luck and love to all!

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