Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, friends!

 Hi everyone! It's a new year! I'm excited. I have big plans for this year. This is the YEAR OF ME!!! mmmmmmmwaaahhaaahhaaahhaaaa! That's not as narcissistic as it sounds. We all know how we tend to not make time for ourselves. Not take care of ourselves. Not do things for ourselves. I'm going to try my hardest to take care of ME this year. Well, I guess I'll help take care of that one kid. You know, the one that lives in my house for some strange reason?

In the digiscrap world around this time, everyone's all abuzz with the "One Little Word" phenomenon. It's a class given by Ali Edwards. I have no idea what your actually supposed to do in the actual class, but I'm doing my own thing with OLW...cause that's how I roll. I've chosen a OLW that I can apply to many aspects of my life. Yes, I'm sure I'll scrap about it (already have, as a matter of fact), but that's not my main focus. I want it to be a constant reminder of how I want to/should be/am going to live my life. My One Little Word this year is:

Good word, huh? Yeah, I picked it myself. This is a word I can use throughout my everyday life.

I can use it with my family. We can actually get up and do stuff. Go places together. Do projects together. Just BE together DOING thing together more.

I can use this at work. Other than prompting me to actually get some stinkin' work done, I can use it to encourage myself to move above and beyond what I am doing. You know, make something of myself.

I can use this, of course, in exercise. Which I WILL BE DOING. I am ready to do this thang.

As you can tell, I can really use this in so many applications. And I will be. I need to do this, not only for myself, but for my family and friends...anyone who holds me important.

This is the first LO I've done for OLW. I think it has just the kind of feel that I was looking for.

Click to enlarge
The Daily Details by The Digichick Designers (Jan. collab)
My Words Only V.5 by Captivated Visions

So for now, that is all. I will be blogging regularly again. This is another thing I'm taking ACTION on, and I'm determined in. Not that anyone reads this pathetic little blog, but I enjoy blogging, so I'll be doing it.

Until next time,

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