Friday, March 25, 2011

Bumblebee busy-ness

   Ok, I've been super busy, but man do I love it! Being on a CT is so much fun! I've made some really good friends and boy, has this put my scrapping mojo in high gear!! I'm so inspired by the templates and kits I've been getting to work with! I love working with Melanie's stuff (a.k.a. Jumbbumble Designs) and I'm loving all the stuff I'm buying over at polkadotplum, (further to be referred to as PDP) too! The challenges they have over there really help me get ideas (well, they tell me!) for what to scrap. It's great to get so many LOs done that I truly love. There's only one LO I've made in the last couple of days that I'm not really happy with. I'll tell you about it further down...

  So, here are some LOs I've made lately. And I have even more, but can't show them yet because the kits and/or templates haven't been released yet **wink**

  I whipped this up for the PDP March Journal challenge, where we were supposed to journal about how we were feeling right now.

A Fresh Start by Sugar Pie Scraps
Font: Pea K*Rayn

  I made this LO for the PDP March Quote challenge
Granny’s Attic blog train (Polkadotplum)
       Love the Piglet by Utski Designs
Font: Jellyka, Saint Andrews Queen 

   This is the LO that I'm not too happy with. I LOVE this photo of my mom with my two nieces. I made this for the PDP March White Space challenge. If you're not familiar, white space scrapping is smaller photos and showing a lot of the background. I've done very few of these kinds of LOs, mainly because I like my photos to be the main attraction of my LOs. But this is very popular, and since this LO, I've done a couple white space LOs that I HAVE been happy with. Anyway, lemme know what YOU think. I think...blech.
With Love From Sarah by Jumbbumble Designs

  This LO was for the Weekly Newsletter challenge. We had to use this one little element offered as a freebie in their newsletter (This time it was that little piece of scalloped trim behind the photos). This was a fun LO. I'm trying to branch out and not just use photos of Maylee (though she will ALWAYS be my favorite subject to scrap). This is my nephew Grayson. 
Crazy Templates Volume 1 by Jumbbumble Designs
Spring is in the Air by Sugar Pie Scraps
Music notes: Birthday Girl by Julie Bullock

 And this last LO I did for the Weekly Photography challenge. We needed to scrap spring pictures. Well, I was in the mood for spring, because we HAD been having wonderful spring weather, but that witch Mother Nature changed her mind and winter's back in my neck of the woods. Woke up to snow this morning! I asked a photographer friend of mine if I could use some of her beautiful nature photos and she kindly obliged! I really like how this one turned out.

Crazy Templates Volume 1 by Jumbbumble Designs
Spring is in the Air by Sugar Pie Scraps
Photos by Shawntae’s Photography
Font: Palatino Linotype
  Notice that the last two LOs where done with the same template pack (2 different templates, but that same pack with the same "feel") and the same kit? Could those two LOs be any different from one another?? Nope! See what you can do with templates? Change them up to suit what you want your LO to be!

Well, this has been a fun post! I love that I participated in all these challenges and got so many LOs done! I love being a Jumbbumble Bumblebee and I love my new home over at PDP! I'm love!!! (I know, I'll shut up now.)

Love to all! 

**Note. All the images in this post were linked from my Photobucket account, which is not usually the way I do it. It's kind of a trial. If I don't like it, I'll go back and edit this post with photos instead of links. But I can tell right off the bat that it's much easier with Photobucket. Lemme know if you have any viewing problems.


  1. Something went wrong when I tried to comment so if you get two that's why! lol

    Anyway I love the Grandma layout and want to give "white space" a try! That picture is perfect too!

    Oh and I wouldn't have ever thought to put those two pictures (or any of my nature pictures really) together for a layout but I really really love it! I want more Spring weather pronto!

    They're all so beautiful!

  2. Oh and I hope everything goes well with the refinancing!! :)

  3. Great layouts, as usual.
    The only problem I had was the images didn't load the first time. When I refreshed they appeared, though. You do know you can pull them from Flickr, right? I saw these all there last night, I think, so you could kill two birds with one stone by using Flickr. When viewing the image, click "Share this" then "Get the HTML/BB Code"