Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Heart Faces

  I've never entered one of these challenges. A photographer friend of mine, Shawntae, enters all the time and does a really good job! One of her photos (see it here--such a great photo) was recently chosen as one of the favorites, and I was so proud of her!! Anyway, I saw the challenge this week and though, oh what the hell. I'll enter.

So here's my entry. I absolutely love this photo of my dear daughter!! I can't help but say what a cutie she is!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

EDIT: Thought I'd include the SOOC shot, for those that are interested. I tried and tried editing this photo, and not sure if I'm even satisfied with what I ended up with, but after about 10 different reincarnations, I just had to decide and do it!
So this is the original photo:


  1. oh she is a doll...she looks full of personality :O)

  2. what a fun face. Love her curls... too cute.

  3. I love it! You did a wonderful job! She is always adorable.:)

    So happy to see you entered!

  4. Very sweet...the editing really brings out her curls, her eyes, and her dimples...all precious.