Saturday, March 5, 2011

Putting it off

   I don't know why I've been putting off blogging. I've actually had an interesting couple of weeks. Well, maybe not interesting to you, dear followers, but a little out-of-the-ordinary for me!

   I was so excited to to to a q&a/book signing event for Ree Drummond "The Pioneer Woman" at St. Louis County Library headquarters. And I went with a couple friends/cousins of mine. First off, let me say how nice it was to go out with grown women and have decent conversation. The library is in a very nice part of St. Louis, the Plaza Frontenac area, and we went to a nice restaurant that I never would've gone to otherwise. Being mommies of young children, we of course talked a lot about our kids and husbands, but there was plenty of other conversation, too. It was very nice. And of course, getting to see P-Dub was awesome! I've been following her for a couple years now, and she's talented, beautiful and very funny! She talked a little, answered some questions, and then started to sign books. Since there were so many people, we were given line tickets when we came into the event. We were group 8, so we sat for a LONG time and waited. But, we talked and passed the time nicely. Even though Ree had been signing books for over 2 hours, she talked to everyone and had a smile on her face and was so gracious. It was well worth the wait. I'm so glad I went!

Me and Ree Drummond

Me, Carmen, Ree, and Mandy

   Let's seeeeee. I've done quite a bit of scrapping. I got a whole bunch of Mah's (Dream's Place Atelier) kits and I finally got inspired! I've been kinda in a drought. Haven't had any ideas and wasn't really into it. But I got these gorgeous kits and the pages just kept coming!

Kit: Mail for You by Dream's Place Atelier

Kit: Come to the Jungle by Dream's Place Atelier
Fonts: Pea Seelekish and sf Scribbled

Template from Vintage Love bundle by Queen on Hearts (collab w/ Dream's Place Atelier)
Kit: Black Tie by Dream's Place Atelier
Blue flowers from Tweet in Blue by Dream's Place Atelier

   I've really been editing my pictures, too. I've been using Pioneer Woman's PSE actions like crazy, and I really love all of them! I'll give you an example of a pictures I used an action on. There are many different ones that give all give different effects to the photo.

My goofy girl:  Straight-out-of-the-camera (SOOTC) (OMG, don't mind the mess in the background)

My goofy girl: Using PW's "Boost" action

   Isn't that just awesome! There are so many cool ones. Will share more with you later. And yes, my daughter takes after her father.

  Just a quick quick about what else I've been doing...I got new tires on my car. Much needed, but the $$ made me cry. Almost $700. Ouch. Maylee and I had a playdate/mommy get-together with a good friend of mine from high school. I finally got to meet her bestie, whom I've heard so much about, and we got along famously! She's great. She's got a son a little younger than Maylee and they had a great time. Here's proof:

  Playing piano together. They got along great. At one point, Maylee was playing piano with her foot...she's so talented!

   OK, I'm going to stop now. I'll blog more tomorrow. I have a couple more LOs to show and some more to blab about, but I'll shut up now.


  1. EEEkk so exciting you got to meet Ree Drummond! SO COOL!

    Love all the layouts! Especially the pregnancy test one! I bought my pregnancy test with intentions of saving it for the next morning. Ended up taking it about 5 o'clock in the evening right after I bought it. It showed those two pinks lines REALLY fast. I didn't get any sleep that night even though I didn't have to wait till morning to know if I was! lol

    Love the edit too!! Photo editing is fun right!?!:)

  2. Your girls night out looked so fun! I've only looked at PW a little, mostly for recipes, and I think I have only tried one of them, but it was good. I love her photo actions too.

  3. Hey you lucky girl! here's something for you

  4. So glad you introduced me to The Pioneer Woman Kate her actions are fab!
    Love the LO's they are amazing especially the welcome to the jungle one :)
    Glad you enjoyed your Girls night out and playdate. Maylee is just so cute x