Sunday, March 20, 2011

The rest of it

  Well, better late than never, huh? It's still technically tomorrow. I promised I'd post the rest of the LOs I've done, and I'm here to do just that!

   But first, gotta share about our day. We went to a good friend's daughter's birthday today. My friend's name is Amber (Amburger, according to Maylee LOL!!), and her daughter's name is Skylar. Skylar and Maylee get along pretty well, even though there's a bit of an age difference. Skylar turned 5 earlier this week and her birthday party was at a gymnastics studio. Maylee did pretty well...she didn't want to do any of the organized stuff and just wanted to dance and bounce. I had to keep reminding myself that she's a bit younger than the other kids, so I'd give her a little leeway when it came to following directions. One activity she found she did like was a the trampoline. This wasn't a regular trampoline, but a really long, narrow one that ran along the whole length of the back of the studio.It wasn't too bouncy, which is why I think she liked it. The bouncy, bouncy one scared her.

   Boy, I just read that previous paragraph and it was really poorly constructed and kind of ramble-y, but it's getting late and I'm not going to correct it. Sigh.

   Now to the good stuff. As promised, recent LOs I've done:

This is another CT LO I did, because I just love being on a CT and I love doing LOs for it!! I hope the shine (of the CT) doesn't wear off too quickly!

My little girl when she was still...little! Sweet!
Template: Crazy Templates Volume 1 by Jumbbumble Designs
Kits: Missing Spring by Designs by Kat
Font: Courier New

Missourians, remember that ice/sleet/snow episode a while back. Yeah, I don't think Brandon's going to forget it anytime soon. 
Template: Shabby Princess Project Scrap Month 2
Kit: Shabby Princess Seasonal Sampler - Winter
Font: Pea Stacey’s Doodles

Template: Shabby Princess Project Scrap Month 2  
Kit: Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess
Arrow (recolored) from Bright and Cheery from Double Dutch Designs
Font: Tekton Pro 

Don't know why, but I'm not crazy about this LO. Hm.
Template by Shabby Princess Template Challenge #10
Barefoot by Shabby Princess
(This kit's on sale right now! Go get it! And hurry!)

Now, I love how this LO turned out! And it's pretty much a kit-less LO!
Frames from Shabby Princess Template Challenge #10
Font: Pea Bitt Bitt

And this kit?? Well, I've had it in my head for about a week now, and I LOVE how it turned out!
Kit: Love the Piglet by Utski Design
Word art: Vector Alpha by Angel Hartline Designs
Font: Calibri

   Whew. I think that's it. Stay tuned for Jumbbumble Designs new template pack coming out at the beginning of April (can you believe it's already April? That is crazy.)!

Love to all,


  1. All the layouts are great!!! (as usual)
    Glad Maylee had a good time at the party, that sounds fun!

  2. Love these LO's hun especially the kit less LO!
    Glad Maylee had a good time at the party sounds like a fun day x

  3. Your pages are so gorgeous, and fun, and I love your blog, it's so well set up!!