Saturday, March 19, 2011

So much catching up to do!

   You know, I used to decide not to blog because I didn't have any LOs to share. Then I thought, well, I don't have to share scrapbooking stuff on EVERY SINGLE post, do I? And I decided, no, I certainly did not. Well, I kind of have the opposite problem right now. I have so many new LOs to share, but I don't want to do it in one HUGE post, so I'll post some today and some tomorrow. So stay tuned for more!

First, because I'm still on such a high about getting on my first CT, I'll share my first CT LOs with you guys. One of the awesome things about the designer I'm CTing for, Jumbbumble Designs, is that not only is she a kit designer, she's a template designer. Love, love, love me some templates. So I get to use her kits to do LOs and I get to use her templates to do LOs, either with her kits, or another designer's kits! Isn't that awesome!? I'm still showcasing her work, even when I use another designer's kits, because she designed the amazing template I'm using! It's like win-win-win!

Kit: Flowerpower by Jumbbumble Designs
Font: Journal

Template: Crazy Templates Volume 1 by Jumbbumble Designs
Kit: Love Who You Are by Captivated Visions
Font: Word Art: Journal
                 Journaling: Iskoola Pota

    And guess what?! Jumbbumble Designs is still looking to fill some CT spots! Check this out:
 OK, I HAVE to mention this, because those of you who know me know how it's bugging me. Now that Melanie has some good CT girls, we'll be sure that her ads going out are all translated well, with correct spelling and grammar. That's one of the things we're there for! 

   On the top LO, My Star, I used the "Seventies" photo action by Pioneer Woman. I love that one! Isn't it cool how it really looks like a photo from the '70's? (I guess that's the whole point, huh?) Since I'm mentioning the Pioneer Woman, I'll share the LO I made from the photos I took from our night out to see the Pioneer Woman.

Template: Girl Talk
Kit: Dinner Party by Shabby Princess
Font: Myriad Web Pro

   OK, ONE more LO, then I'll do another post with the rest of them tomorrow. Remember the other day when I was telling you all how nice Day, from Inspirations from Day was, and how she did me a wonderful kindness even though I was stupid?? Well, here's the LO I made with the kit I purchased from her.

Spring Kissed by Inspirations from Day
Chocolates: Sweet Stuff to Scrap by Honey Designs
Font: Pea Aimee

   So, that's all! Well, not all, but that's all for today! More to come tomorrow, so stop by then and see the rest!

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