Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goings on

  I think I have this preconception that every blog post has to have pictures attached. I guess they don't. I can just share with you guys my boring mundane life. I guess that's why I figure I need pictures, why else would you stop by and read this if it weren't for a little something special. I'll see what I can dig up. Anyway...

   For those of you not in-the-know, this weekend was iDSD, which is International Digital Scrapbook Day. The "day" was officially Saturday, but they sales and freebies went on from Friday to Monday. I've been raking in the goodies all weekend! It's been so awesome! I got so many full kits for free! Amazing! I tried to be really selective because everything was so cheap. But I knew if it didn't really wow me when I first saw it I shouldn't buy it, even if it was only 60 cents. Yes, there were kits for 60 cents! Crazy! But when it comes to templates, I can't say no. I grabbed up every template I could. Again, so many freebies! And in the digiscrapping world, there's this thing called RAK, which is a Random Act of Kindness. Designers just randomly pick people (in forums) to give stuff away free! I was RAKed once with a sweet template pack! It's been really awesome! And I found so many new designers and shops that I love! Here's the template pack I was RAKed from TinyToes at CatScrap:

Got this kit for free from a designer and shop that I've never been to, Thaty Borges at Digiscrappers Brasil:

I got this GORGEOUS kit for $1 at 7th Heaven. Brydka is one of my favorite designers!

This is a cutie kit from Vesi at Shabby Pickle. I've been to SP before, but Vesi's new to me. FREE!

      Anyway, them's some of my goodies I got. Can't wait to start SCRAPPING!!

We got family pictures taken today at Target Studios. I've never used them before. We did it with all of Brandon's siblings and their families. There were 11 of us total. I thought they turned out great and the kids (a 4 year old and two 2 year olds) did great. It went much better and smoother than I thought it was going to. We did this as a surprise for my mother-in-law. I'm so excited for her to get them at Christmas...she's going to be so surprised! She loves pictures as much as I do! And with coupons I got online, it was so cheap! Especially divided between 4 families. Even without dividing, it was a damn good deal! I've paid well over $200 for picture packages of just us, and this was under $50 (total!)

   With my Mom and brother moved out, we decided to make the spare room into Maylee's "toy room." I got it all set up yesterday, and when I was done, Maylee kinda stood back and said, "Look at this Mommy! Look at all my toys!" The only problem is that the play room is upstairs, and Maylee always wants someone to play with her. She's not very good at playing by herself. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I know when I have stuff I need to get done, it's a bad thing! Ugh!

  The mouth is still sore from the new filling. I have a very hard time getting over fillings and dental work in general. My mouth will be sore and throbbing for about 6 weeks and my filling very sensitive to hot and cold for about a year. That's just the way it goes for me and it SUCKS! But I'm glad I have all my teeth and generally have pretty good teeth and only have to go to the dentist for cleanings.

   I don't know why anyone reads this drivel I write. I'll shut up now. I'll leave you with the last scrap page I did. I haven't been scrapping much lately, just buying stuff to scrap with!

Mel Hains - Chicolate

Love to all.

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