Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday # something

   I'm trying to get back into the blogging. I figured doing my memes again might get me to update regularly. In looking back at my posts, the one that stands out to me is the post My Award-Winning blog. Not because I "won" an award, though that was fun, it's because the post was funny and interesting and was an easy read. It wasn't boring drivel about how I went to work and cooked dinner and played with my kid. If I find things to write about, or have questions to answer, I feel like I'm a little more interesting. I follow this blog, The Creative Junkie, and OMG, I'm not kidding you, this chick is hilarious! Her blog and her writing make my blog look like a gnat, but that's not really what I'm saying - I mean that her writing style and her humor is what brings people back.

   Anyway, onward...Tackle It Tuesday. Hmm. I've been trying to tackle so many things lately. I told you guys how I got the play room set up.
   I got my own bedroom cleaned up (which is the only room in the house than I seem to be incapable of keeping clean).
   I mated the socks in the OhMyGodWhereDidAllTheseSocksComeFromAndWhereAreTheirFreakingMates basket.
   I've made a point of using $10 of a $10 purchase (or some such similar amount) coupons that stores are sending out like crazy now that it's the holiday season. Even if I'm just buying socks and underwear, I'm not wasting that $10! I'm determined! I mean, we've already determined that we need some freaking socks around here, as most socks don't have a mate. Stupid socks. (Oh, and just an aside for those of you thinking, "She 'tackled' shopping??" FYI, I HATE shopping. I hate it. Hate it. Hate. HATE.(An aside in the aside...I do like to Christmas shop. I like finding the right gift for the people I love!))
   I've found a digital scrapbook forum that I really like, DigiShopTalk, and I've become active in the forums and trying to post my layouts in the gallery (though I haven't been successful in that yet, and that's a whole 'nother story cause I'm starting to get pissed that I can't do it and no one's helping me!).
   I cleaned out the pictures on my harddrive. I deleted all pictures where it was just the back of someone's head or it was blurry. And that was no easy task. I ended up deleting over a thousand pictures (out of about 20,000).
   So I guess what I'm saying is, can't I get out of Tackle It Tuesday? I tackled a whole bunch of crap these past couple of days! This blog post was to tell you that for Tackle It Tuesday, I'm not going to tackle a damn thing cause I've been tackling like crazy!

   For those of you not "friends" with me on my Facebook (stop by and "friend" me!), who have already seen this picture, I'll leave you with a picture of me going to my cousin's wedding reception Friday night. We had fun!

Yep that's me. And my chins.

One more, because my kid is so dang cute and she danced the night away at said reception:

Boogie down, Maylee!
Love to all,


  1. Blogging is HARD!! I usually only end up with a few boring sentences and one picture. lol. You're doing great.:)

    PS..what the heck happens to all those socks?!

  2. lol! Love it and the picture of Maylee! She is so adorable and look at those dimples!!
    Jenn Estes