Thursday, October 18, 2012

Think about it Thursday

   Thursday's gonna be kinda a wild card, I think. I think I'll kind of rotate between "th" things. This week, it's gonna be "Think."

   I'm a fan of thinking. I think people don't do it often enough, and yes, even I'm guilty of not thinking things through, or speaking before I think, or thinking of things I shouldn't be (get your mind out of the gutter...I mean like daydreaming and not focusing on what I'm doing).

   Today, let's think about time. Time passing, time being lost, time moving way to damn quickly. How often in our day-to-day lives do we stop to think about time? Probably only when you're at work and you feel like the clock is going so slowly that it will never be quitting time, huh? And I bet many parents are like me. Time is never so evident as when I look at my child. How in the world did she get to be so big so quickly? Was I present enough during all that time? Will she have good memories of her time being a toddler, and into preschooler age?

   I sometimes think about time too much. I let it get to me sometimes. It's those very same times that I think about my child growing so quickly that I can get melancholy. I worry about her growing up and what kind of young person she'll be. I worry about what kind of parent I'm being and if I'm making the right decisions and teaching her the right things. But, though it's so very cliche, I absolutely have to be better about living in the moment. Enjoy what we're doing together while we're doing it. Enjoy teaching her, guiding her, and being taught by her. Yes, time is fleeting. Alarmingly so. Savor who I have, when I have them, and hold onto every memory I can. And MAKE memories. Because soon, much sooner than I care to admit, she'll be thinking about how time is flying for her, as she's watching my grandchild grow before her eyes.

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Full-sized image and credits here

Tomorrow will be here soon enough,

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