Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's Cooking Wednesday

  Well, the news around here on the food front is HEALTHY. I know, not very exciting. But I need to create some excitement for myself! I've been trying to change my lifestyle (I'm not calling it dieting) for about a month and a half now. So far, I've just kind of eaten food groups more than meals (does that make sense?). I don't feel like I'm really cooking a meal, I just have these different things that I eat: meat, veggie, fruits, cheese, more meat, more fruit, eggs, more get the idea. I only have a few dishes(or what I consider a meal. I think I'm weird, because when I think of a meal, I think of dishes that have more than one ingredient. I've always been an avid one-pot cook, so maybe that has something to do with it) that are a pretty much all-around healthy dishes.

One of my go-to healthy recipes is one I've mentioned here one or two times. It's PW's Chicken Tortilla soup. It's deliciously yummy and pretty dern healthy!
Recipe here

I also recently threw together some stuffed peppers and we really enjoyed them. I noted all the things I wanted to do differently to make them better, too. Here's a rough outline of the recipe.

1 lb. ground turkey, seasoned with lots of good stuff (totally open to interpretation LOL)
When that's almost browned, throw in some chopped onions (oh, ya'll know me, right?!), garlic, and the tops of the peppers (that you are cutting open to stuff. when you cut the top off, the part around the stem is still good! Use every last bit!). Drain if needed.

When I made this the first time, I didn't use any rice, though it was in most recipes I glanced at. After eating it without rice, while it was yum yummy, I could see how having something rice-like in there would help. Anyone have any suggestions other than just rice? Bulgar? Quinoa? Something like that? I also didn't use any tomato product in the mix, but I could see really digging that, too. Some tomato sauce? Paste? Diced tomatoes? I'll have to think on that.

Stirred in some shredded cheese. Yeah, I can't seem to get away from the stuff. Shoved those peppers as full and as tight as I could get (I used red/orange/yellow peppers. MUCH better, IMO), and make the tops into little heaping mounds, too. Baked for 20 mins, topped with some cheese, then baked another 10 minutes. Some of the recipes I saw called for baking for over an hour, but I wanted the peppers to still have some crunch, and they turned out perfectly. 

Here are a few recipes I want to try. Trusty old Pinterest, ya know.

via Stacey Makes Cents

via Recipe Girl

via Point-less Meals

Any good, healthy recipes you can share? I'd LOVE to get some more dishes in my rotation. 

Let's see if I can come up with some kind of photo or something to go along with this post...

Ah! Here we go! I went went a couple of my friends to see Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman, aka, PW, aka P-Dub) and have her sign our books! We met her (and Marlboro Man) in the flesh! And they were as nice as you'd expect them to be. And I had a great night out with the girls, too.

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  1. Hey hey hey, welcome back to bloggy land. ;)
    I love the daily titles.. will you be doing them the same each week? I need a little inspiration to make stuff, read stuff, and cook stuff! :D Maybe we could get a link up going.

    The food all looks and sounds delish. I think I could really smell the stuffed peppers as I read through the recipe. I haven't made stuffed peppers in such a long time. Now I'm starving. :)