Sunday, March 7, 2010

The deep stuff

   So to all the people that have been following me (all none of you), you know that yesterday I actually had a day to myself. My little family went down to my in-laws, so I had a little "me" time. Though I didn't do anything really great, it was a good day. Strangely for me, I was thinking about coming home and blogging what I had done. Now, I've done something before and thought to myself, "this would be a great Facebook status update,"  but it's blogging now; I'm cool like that. So I did both. I wrote a quick status update on FB and posted a blog. Was that overkill?
   Anyway, I feel like I was looking forward to writing on my blog so much because I just wanted to share what I was doing with someone. I wish I had a friend with me, but I don't have that many friends I actually DO things with. I have wonderful Facebook friends, and would truly call them all friends because I'm not one of those people that "friends" everyone, I actually know all of them. But I wanted someone there to laugh with and to ask if my butt looked gigantic in the new slacks I got (of course it did, I'm fat!).
   Don't get me wrong, I have a handful of friends I occasionally do things with (and an absolutely wonderful husband I'm almost always with). I even called one of them yesterday. But any parents out there know that sometimes it's just hard to coordinate getting together, especially if you would kinda rather do it without the kids that day. I was out shopping, she was with her daughter at gymnastics. We tried to get together later in the day, but it just didn't work out.
   I just think of the Sex and the City ladies, or the guys from that show "Men of a Certain Age" that have a core group of friends they see all the time. I could use friends like that. Not occasional, let's do something Friday and it never pans out friends, but friends I talk to/text/see fairly often. I used to have a very, very best friends I talked to everyday, but we had a falling out and things never ever went back to the way they were. It's hard to go through something like that. I think it's worst than being dumped. I guess I could audition for the role of Kate's best friend. That's not pathetic in the least!
   So, I'm not whining to the absolutely no one that's reading this...well, maybe I am. I'm getting it off my chest. I'm blogging it. 'Cause I'm a blogger now, it's what we do. We blog about extremely emotional, personal topics. Or wait...should I have not done that? I'm not up on my blog etiquette.

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  1. Blog away, my friend. Seems to work for me. :) I know what you mean about the friend thing. I have friends here--lots of them. But my bestest friends live in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri . . . all a long way from Utah. Now that we have Emma, it just seems like way too much work to figure out when to get together with other friends. It throws Em off her schedule (and we all know how fun a baby is when their schedule is all messed up) and it is just plain hard to work out all the details of hanging out. Oh, how much easier life was when we were unattached. That being said, I wouldn't trade my attached life for any day without them. :)