Friday, March 5, 2010

First post

    Well, after years of being a blog fan, I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon myself. I figure I enjoy my life pretty well, so maybe someone out in the world (or just my family and closest friends) will enjoy hearing about it. Or maybe I'm just typing to a huge abyss of nothingness. Let's hope not. I hope I update this frequently. Maybe I'll become the next Perez of boring Mommy/Wife/Hobbies. Anyone see that happening? Yeah, me neither.
    So the things I'll probably be talking about most on my blog are: my daughter and husband, the books I'm reading/have read, my addiction to digital scrapbooking, the TV shows and movies I watch, maybe some recipes, and maybe some politics (I'll try not to make anyone angry...I love my friends and don't want politics to come between any of us, but I'm kinda passionate about politics). I'm sure there'll be other things I blab about; I didn't call it "Random ruminations" for nothing!

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