Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sicknesses and other randomness

   All of us have been sick in some capacity in the last couple of days. Brandon was actually home from work yesterday, which tells me how sick he was, because he's only stayed home sick like 5 times in the 10 years he's worked there. He started feeling a little better last night and was able to eat. Maylee's had some tummy troubles but has been in high spirits. I've had a weird stomach/headache thing going on and am not quite sure how I'm feeling today yet. I'll give it a little while before I decide if I'm feeling better or not.
   I feel like I'm having a total scrapping creative block. I've started and pitched about 3 pages in as many days and am not happy with what I'm coming up with. I think I need to get out and take some new pictures to get inspired. I'm most excited to scrap when I have really good pictures I want to get done.
  I'm really, really glad it's the weekend. I need to Clean. This. House. Since we've been under the weather, nothing has gotten done around here! I also want to do something fun with Maylee this weekend. It was so nice last weekend and we played outside, but this weekend it's rainy and blah. Maybe we'll take her to the movies for the first time. The Princess and the Frog is still playing at a theater around here and I thought she might like it, though I'm not sure if she's ready to sit and watch a movie for and hour and a half.  I guess we'll never know until we try!
   Some of you might not know that my mother and younger brother have been living with us for about 1 1/2 years now. They moved here from Washington state, where my other two sisters and their families still live. My brother had a major osteo surgery about a month ago and Mom decided he'd do better recovering at my Grandmother's house because it's one story and would be easier to navigate in a wheelchair and such. We've really missed them here, especially Maylee. She asks about her Grandma and Uncle everyday. Mom told me that they'll finally be coming home in about two weeks, which is great! Spencer's been doing great with his recovery and physical therapy, but it's only going to get harder from here on out. When he finally gets up to do some walking and weight-bearing physical therapy, he's going to be so weak! I hope he handles it alright. I'll leave you with a picture of Maylee playing with her Uncle Spencer (even though it's a pretty old pic and there's a mess behind them!)

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  1. I've not been feeling very creative either, and it's due to this weather for sure!! I should have been taking all the pictures I could while we had those nice days!! I won't let the next bit of good weather get by without a photo or two or ten.:) I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! It's bad enough when one person isn't feeling well, much less everyone in the house! OKAY for some reason this will only let me post as anonymous.LOL. ~Shawntae