Sunday, March 21, 2010


  Anyone have one of those abysses in their house where things disappear into? I'm not just talking about the dryer where all the socks go missing (like my black socks!), but another place where toys, and little shoes and my little pony combs and cell phones go? Yeah, you read that right, cell phones. As soon as I couldn't find mine, I knew it had gone into the abyss. Luckily enough, we know where the abyss is in my house, but it's not a fun place to get to. We have a large sectional couch ('nuff said, huh?). The cushions are attached and don't come off, but there are a few places where "things" can fall, and "things" ALWAYS magically find their way to these places. I crossed my fingers and hoped my phone wasn't lost in the couch, but when I called it, sure enough, I heard my phone ringing from under the couch. Ugh! We had to practically rearrange the whole living room to get under the couch, but we finally phone the flippin' phone. And lots of other treasures, too, I might add! I spotted something that did not look pleasant at all, and picked it up with a tissue. It ended up being a chocolate-covered nut cluster. What a relief that was! It's not hard to imagine what I thought it was!
   We spent a lot of time at the park the last part of the week. I'd pick Maylee up from the sitters and we'd go to a park on Daddy's way home from work so he could stop and play, too. Too bad the weekend ended up being so blah. But it's been a good snuggly up with eachother weekend, and that's always good. I'm going to make a beef pot roast for dinner, and I'll be scrapping that recipe, so look for that soon. Here's the page I did for St. Patty's Day this year. I think I'll do another one too, because I have a lot of cute St. Patrick's Day stuff.

   Have a great week, all!

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